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Profile Eddie Dunbar

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Eddie Dundar. Copyright Irishcyclingnews.com

What is your connection to cycling in Ireland?


What was your first club?

Kanturk C.C

What is your current club?

 O'Leary Stone Kanturk C.C

What was your favourite moment from the 2013 domestic road season? 

My favourite moment was definitely winning the Junior Tour of Ireland and to win the last stage on Gallows Hill in the Yellow jersey is something I will never forget! 

Who is your favourite Irish rider and why?

Paidi O'Brien, because he's from the same Village as me. I remember going to watch him in the Tour of Ireland in 2008, and it encouraged me to become a good cyclist.

Who is your favourite non-Irish international rider? 

Alberto Contador, because he has an aggressive style of racing and will never settle for 2nd best.

Who do you tip for success in the future?

Sam Bennett or Ryan Mullen.

Favourite race of the Irish racing calender and why?

Don't really have a favourite, but any race with a hill will do me!

Favourite race of the international racing calender and why?

Has to be the Vuelta because I think that its the hardest Grand Tour.

What was the most memorable race you rode in and why?

The Beeverbeek Classic last February, it was -3 degrees and it was snowing aswell, the water in my bottles froze so I went the whole race without a drink! I ended up 10th so it wasn't so bad.

What is your current bike?

I had a Sensa Guilia last year, but i'm waiting on a New Bike at the moment.

What is your dream bike?

One of the Saxo Tinkoff Specialised Bikes, I seen Nicolas Roche's one at the Worlds and it was class.

What would you like to see improved, added or returned to cycling in Ireland?

I would like to see the race distance's increased.

Do you have any other hobbies apart from cycling?

Don't really have the time, but I do a bit of Cross Country Running during the Winter to keep fit.

What's the best advice you can give to anyone involved with cycling?

Do it because you want to do it and enjoy doing it.