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What is your connection to cycling in Ireland?

Rider. How I got into the sport was in primary school one day some of the lads where on about the cycling club and I decided to join it and since 12 years old I have never looked back since. Itís the best sport I have ever taken up!

What was your first club?

Fermoy Cycling Club

What is your current club?

Fermoy cycling Club

What was your favorite moment from the 2013 domestic road season?†

In Ireland? My only win in our league race but for a pro rider? Probably Nicolas Roches winning the stage in the Vuelta it was just amazing!

Who is your favorite Irish rider and why?

That isn't really a hard choice. Nicolas Roche. I look up to him. Hes a big influence to me. I have met him on a numerous occasions and he is one of the nicest guys i have ever spoke too and very polite also.

Who is your favorite non-Irish international rider?

Non-Irish? hmmm... That is a hard choice... I probably would pick Cadel Evans. Hes one of those hard nuts in the peleton that just never gives up. I would love to see him win the Giro this year as hes coming too the end of his career.

Who do you tip for success in the future?

That would be a hard one to pick. There are a lot of Irish riders coming up in the ranks like Eddie Dunbar, Micheal O'Loughlin etc. I probably could see Eddie Dunbar making it very far. Look what he did last year in the Irish racing scene. God knows what he will do this year.

Favorite race of the Irish racing calender and why?

Well im not a fan of hills as im more of a sprinter.†I have only ridden it once and its probably the Nenagh Classic. Although, I didn't finish itís just one hard race where you go up roads that you would never go in a race. Up narrow roads like heading for a farm etc

Favorite race of the international racing calender and why?

Intentional? Probably the Tour De France... I think its the race everyone is looking forward to each year as the route is changed every year and it will be interesting this year to see what Contador can do against Team Sky again.†

What was the most memorable race you rode in and why?

Probably riding the Junior Tour. although †i was way down the GC. Its probably the best 6 days of my life on the bike. You get to know everyone in the bunch, have the craic and you only get to ride it twice so its definitely worth riding†

What is your current bike?

Trek Madone 6.5 with cosmic sls wheels on it and changing to 11 speed ultegraFriday

What is your dream bike?

Now this is probably the hardest question out of them all because there are so many nice bikes out there.Frame- probably Specialized venge, Groupset 11 speed di2 durace, Wheels - Cosmic Carbone Ultimate,handlebars etc Fsa components†

What would you like†to see improved, added or returned to cycling in Ireland?

Would love to see a Veledrome. Look who won a rainbow jersey on the track this year? Martyn Irvine. He spends his time on the track in spain etc. It would be a lot easier for him to train in Ireland on one. †I love track racing and would do it again if we had a proper Veledrome.†

Do you have any other hobbies apart from cycling?

Like to stay fit or just playing the playstation, listening to music, updating my website -www.ianredmondcycling.com††

What's the best advice you can give to anyone involved with cycling?

I enjoy my bike riding with the lads. We have a bit of craic and do our training. If you don't do well in a race don't beat yourself up over it as there are many more races. Just go and enjoy and keep pedalling†Ian Redmond - Fermoy C.C.


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